The term Psychotherapy is derived from Ancient Greek: psyche – meaning breath, spirit, soul and therapeia – meaning healing.

There are many systems of psychotherapy but all are looking to help the individual heal the wounded parts of themselves and become whole again. The intention of open-ended therapy is to offer a deep exploration of the way we are in the world and the way that we wish to be.

Core Process Psychotherapy, established in 1982 was one of the original Contemplative Psychotherapy trainings.

This approach combines contemporary Western psychotherapeutic techniques with the Eastern awareness practices that have their roots in Buddhist psychology. By bringing a mindful awareness to your experience you can become clearer about what is really going on. This allows for the possibility of moving from a place of reaction – where you act according to past habits – to a place of response, where there is a possibility to make real choices about what you say and do in your life.

I offer a space for you to explore your experience in an open and reflective way. I will support you in this process of enquiry so that you will be able to see more clearly what is going on for you and how you might do things differently. It is this that brings about the possibility of change.

The psychotherapeutic relationship is paramount. It is intended to offer you a unique opportunity to be seen, heard and responded to. It is a relationship with clear boundaries that allows for the development of trust and safety. The pace of exploration is set by you.

It is open-ended because it is an unfolding of the layers of adaptive strategies, unconscious processes and character formations to help you access a deeper part of yourself. This often takes some time to happen, which is why it is described as depth-psychotherapy.

My approach is a mind/body exploration – in Core Process Psychotherapy, the mind and body are not two separate entities but rather an interlinked system.

Being in open-ended therapy requires time, money, courage and a great deal of honest self-searching. This level of commitment allows for the possibility of deep and long-lasting transformation.

Session Length
Sessions are one hour

£75 per session