I have a background in Publishing and am also a qualified yoga teacher. I discovered meditation in 1998 and decided to undertake an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy in 2001.

My yoga is informed by the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli. My passion for yoga is based on embodiment rather than postures and I continue my exploration of how to unfold from the shapes that our bodies have taken in relation to the environments that they met.

I am deeply committed to my on-going development.  I learn from many sources – it is one of the greatest gifts of the profession in that I am always learning.

I was part of a multi-modality professional supervision group for many years and an on-going Michael Eigen study group, a Complex Trauma reading group and am a member of both The Relational School and the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. I also have my own on-going therapy as well as on-going supervision.

I am particularly interested in how we think about the ‘collective’ as well as the ‘individual’ experience in psychotherapy. I am interested in bringing social, political and historical contexts into my clinical work. I follow the ‘Radical Dharma’ teachings of Lama Rod Owens.

As well as my work as a psychotherapist, I have a supervision practice both with therapists in private practice and have also worked with staff in the Domestic and Sexual Violence sector. I have been an independent supervisor for a number of therapists working in Pakistan.  I am on the Teaching Faculty of the Karuna Institute in Bristol – the home of Core Process Training in the UK. All of my work is supervised and I abide by the UKCP Code of Ethics.

I have a keen interest in and commitment to developing awareness in my own life. I bring to my work a deep understanding of the body and how to use this as a tool in exploring what may be happening beneath the level of awareness. I have undertaken on-going learning in the fields of trauma, interpersonal neurobiology, relational psychoanalysis, Gestalt interventions, Focussing, Embodied Relational Therapy and Mindfulness.

I am interested in how what happened in the past gets recreated or enacted in the room between us. It is my understanding that being open to this enables a deeper process to occur. I believe in the importance of the ‘relationship’ in psychotherapy, above and beyond any particular approach or intervention.

I have an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy and am an accredited member of United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am also a member of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP), the Relational School of Psychotherapists (TRS) and the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists (IARPP).

I am fully insured and abide by the code of ethics of UKCP


“The shock of ourselves is perennial. We are challenged by our own aliveness and a need to open doors as yet unknown. Developing the capacity to tolerate and work with experience is part of our evolutionary challenge…..struggling with one’s personality remains a life-long task”

Michael Eigen