As parents we want to have loving, lasting and meaningful relationships with our children.

Building a positive relationship with our children involves being open to our own growth and development. Issues from our past impact the present and directly affect the way we experience and interact with our children, even when their origins remain unknown.

In parenting, we can all too easily get stuck in reactive responses based on our own childhood experiences. With resolution of our own issues comes greater choice and flexibility in how we respond to our children.

I offer a parenting support programme, which looks to focus specifically on difficulties relating to parenting. I offer ad hoc one-hour support sessions either face to face or via Skype where you can explore what issues from your own childhood experiences may be affecting your parenting. By bringing awareness to these issues, you will then have more choices in how you choose to respond to your children.

In addition to being a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist, I am a practitioner of the Parent Effectiveness Training model of Dr Thomas Gordon, and am informed by the Interpersonal Neurobiology work of Dr Daniel Siegel specifically in the field of parenting. I also study and practice Mindful Parenting as advocated by Jon Kabbat-Zinn and am part of an on-going parenting exploration group.

I charge £60 per hour, either one to one or via Skype.