Mindfulness-based Brief Therapy is a 12-week fixed term therapy, with a clear focus and intended outcome. You will need to be motivated to change and have a clear idea about what you wish to work on. The intention of Brief Therapy is to overcome a particular issue or problem.

It is not the same as longer-term open-ended therapy, which is to help you to understand the maximum possible about yourself.

In Brief Therapy:

  • I will help you actively explore your own issues so that you are able, in effect, to become your own therapist.
  • We will look to examine the effects of the unconscious and past events in the present situation, by exploring facts, memories and feelings.
  • I will help you to see new patterns or ways of reacting.
  • I will suggest ‘homework’ between sessions that will help you to achieve the changes that you want to make.

The work will include direct teaching of mindfulness practice, using tools such as Focussing, understanding what ‘resources’ you and learning about trauma and how it affects the body/mind.

This approach is offered to any clients, dependent upon an initial meeting.

Session Length

Sessions are one hour


£55 per session